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How To Make a Quick and Easy Shaker Bookmark

Posted on September 26 2017

Charity here with a quick and easy shaker bookmark you are going to love learning how to make! Find a stamp with a distinct but simple image. Choose a color of Rinea Foiled Paper you just LOVE to look at. Find sequins for contrast and you are ready to make your own

~ Shaker Bookmark ~
Shaker Bookmark Using Rinea Foiled Paper & Ghost Ink
This particular idea requires a Photo Sleeve Fuse Tool. This is only my second project with the Fuse so the learning curve is minimal. You will also need a page protector, a headband, assorted sequins,  Rinea Foiled Paper and Rinea Ghost Ink. The stamp I used is from In God's Time a clear stamp set by Joy Clair.

Step 1: Stamp image onto foiled paper, let set, and remove ink with a wipe as outlined in the instructions accompanying Ghost Ink.
Step 2: Trim image from foiled paper leaving a 1/4" shaped edge.
Step 3: Place shaped paper into a page protector, flush with the bottom seal.

Step 4: Use Fuse tool to seal page protector around the edges of the shaped paper, leaving a narrow gap between the paper and the seal. Leave the top open. Trim the sealed shape from the page protector.

Step 5: Place elastic headband on back of the sealed image. Seal strips of page protector over the band to hold it in place.

Step 6: Add Sequins, seal top of shape. Trim excess.

Shaker Bookmark Using Rinea Foiled Paper & Ghost Ink
An elastic headband will fit most books and is wide enough not to damage the pages. Purchase an assortment and make yourself a bookmark in every color. Then start over, making bookmarks for friends!

Shaker Bookmark Using Rinea Foiled Paper & Ghost Ink

Stop by my blog Scrappin' Chaos for a list of supplies. 
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