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How To Make A Thank You Heart With A 3D Flower by Monika Graefling-Gladysiak

How To Make A Thank You Heart With A 3D Flower by Monika Graefling-Gladysiak | Rinea

Hello everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day. It's Monika today creating a super easy mini Christmas wreath with poinsettias.

We are going to use Rinea foiled papers: Lavender StarstruckArctic StarstruckBlush StarstruckFuchsia Starstruck, Emerald Starstruck,heart cutting dies in two sizes (I used Tonic Studios - Heart Three Tiered Easel Card Die Set), flower cutting dies (I used Spellbinders - Create a Sunflower), Thank You cutting die, white card, pokey tool, liquid glue and thread.

Step 1:

Die cut the bigger heart 5 times from white card, preferable 200gsm or thicker, die cut the same heart with Lavender Starstruck and the smaller heart with Arctic Starstruck. Adhere 5 white bigger heart together, it will give you nice dimension, use double sided strong adhesive and attach the Lavender heart on top, then adhere the Arctic heart with double sided tape.

Step 2:

Die cut 'Thank You' sentiment using Lavender Starstruck foiled paper and adhere on the right side on the heart.

Step 3:

Die cut the flower petals using Fuchsia Starstruck and Blush Starstruck, die cut the joining elements with Lavender Starstruck and leaves using Emerald Starstruck.

Step 4:

Adhere the petals, starting with the biggest onto joining parts. Then, adhere all the layers together and add leaves.

Step 5:

Adhere your flower to the heart. Make a hole using a pokey tool and attach a piece of thread.

Step 6:

Admire your creation.
This is a perfect Thank You gift for a friend, colleague or grandparents.

Happy crafting!