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How To Make An Easy, Beautiful Foiled Paper Sunshade

How To Make An Easy, Beautiful Foiled Paper Sunshade | Rinea
Charity here from Scrappin' Chaos to share how to make a foiled paper sunshade that is super easy and beautiful. Natural light is unbeatable for enjoying colors in their true shades. But sometimes windows have poor placement. If you have the sun pouring in a window and heating up the house or reflecting onto your TV, this post is for you. 

~ Foiled Paper Sunshade ~
Rinea Foiled Paper

At our house, we have an unfortunate window. At first, I blocked the light with a couple of pictures from the kid's art class. When I discovered the sun had melted the plastic wrap at the back of the paintings, I knew I needed something else. Rinea Foiled Paper seemed to be the perfect solution.

My daughter drew this lantern free hand for me. I laid an entire roll of Turquoise Star Struck Foiled Paper over a cutting mat. I secured the drawing and the Foiled Paper with washi tape.

I used an eyelet setter and hammer to pierce holes along the drawn lines. 

To hold the foil in the window, I again used washi tape this time a blue with a quarter-foil pattern. The tape will most likely only hold one season. As the year changes, the sun moves so the sunshade isn't required all year round. Next year I'll put it up with a different color of washi tape.

The piercings are not exact, nor is the lantern perfectly symmetrical. It has a lovely whimsical bent to it that fits right in with my collection of vintage bottles and colored glass. 

Rinea Foiled Paper

I already have plans to use other colors of Rinea Foiled Paper to pierce more sunshades. A peacock would be lovely, or sun and moon collage. I hope you use this tutorial and post your project on the Rinea Facebook page or Instagram. Be sure to tag #Rinea whenever you use this gorgeous foiled paper.

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