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How To Make An Epic Tower The Quick And Easy Way

How To Make An Epic Tower The Quick And Easy Way | Rinea
Charity here from Scrappin' Chaos with a tutorial on how to make an epic tower the quick and easy way using foam blocks. True, carving foam is messy, and painting it is even more so, but isn't that the fun of crafting? Here's the secret to greatness, add Rinea Foiled Paper to Floracraft foam.

Rinea Melting Clock

If building your own piece of modern art is on your bucket list grab the supplies listed below and get started.
 Tools and Supplies Needed:
Sharpie, Ruler, Craft Knife, Paint and Brushes, 3 Floracraft Foam Cubes of 3" each,  Silver Glossy Rinea Foiled Paper

 Step 1: Use a sharpie to mark a diagonal line that reaches around two sides of the foam block. Cut back the face of the foam block so that a 1/2 inch foam ledge protrudes.

Step 2: Shape this ramp into steps by dividing the ledge into equal portions and leveling off each section. Cut the steps of the second block to rise opposite of the first and third blocks.

Step 3: Mark a square on the bottom of the second level of the tower. This square should extend from the under edge of the lower steps inward, to the center of the block. Carve away the block so that the square stands out 1/2 inch from the base. Repeat for the third level of the tower. 

Step 4: Make a mark 1/2 inch from the edge of the upper-stair-side of the first block. Line up the square at the base of the second block with this mark. Trace the square onto the top of the first block. Cut a shallow crevice inside these lines. Test the pieces during carving, aiming for a snug but smooth fit. Repeat this process for the attachment between the third and second blocks.

Step 5: Assemble the tower. The weight of the second and third block will balance each other out. Even though the tower levels hang over the edge of the one below, the tower will not tumble. 

Step 6: Paint the blocks with bright colored acrylic paint. 2 or 3 coats may be required for full coverage.

Step 7: Draw a variety of melted clock faces onto the Silver Foiled Paper. Cut out and attach the clocks to the painted foam. Form the foiled paper so that it appears to be dripping down the sides of the tower.

 If you have an appreciation for the surrealistic art of  M.C. Escher and Salvador Dali, you will know this Never-Ending Tower and Melting Clocks are not my original idea. They are borrowed from the works of these great artists with my humble thanks and deepest admiration.
Scrap On!