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How To Make Foiled Paper Tulips by Jessa Plant

How To Make Foiled Paper Tulips by Jessa Plant | Rinea
Hello everyone! It's Jessa here today from Sparkle Living Blog to show you how to create these classy foiled paper tulips! This is such a fun craft for spring and these tulips make great table decor and are way less messy than the real thing!


I used my favorite Rinea Foiled Paper in Blush/Gold for the tulips. Rinea has so many different colors, but this shiny pink was calling to me an I love how the insides of my tulips are gold. The leaves are Rinea Jade Green Starstruck Foiled Paper, I like that it's the light green on both sides and has the cute little star pattern that adds texture and interest!
The floral stem wire that I ordered online and picked up curbside from my local craft store was brown paper wrapped 18 gauge. While I like how it turned out, I had intended to buy green wire. Oh well! Try and get the 18 gauge floral wire, since it's thicker, just like tulip stems.
Start by sizing your tulips in the software for your cutting machine and cut them out using the vellum setting. I always do two passes, but to be sure. 

Cut the floral stem wire in half so it's about 8 inches long. A half an inch from the end, bend the wire so that that half inch is perpendicular to the wire.
Put the bent end of the wire through the whole of the larger petal cut out, then add the smaller one on top, with the gold side of the paper facing up.
Use the hot glue to adhere the large and small petals together. Add glue to the center of the top petals, including the bent wire. Place the little foil paper circle in the center, to cover the wire and the glue. Let glue dry.  Let glue dry. Once the glue is dry, fold the petals up, gently curling them with your fingers.
Take the leaves and gently crease them along the middle. Cut or rip off a three inch piece of the floral tape. Position the leaves in place and then wrap the tape around the base of the leaves, really rubbing it to adhere it in place.

Once the foiled paper tulips are assembled, I bundled them together, using a rubber band, and then wrapped the base of the stems with white ribbon to hide the rubber band and floral tape.

Arrange your new tulip bouquet and enjoy the spring!