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How to Make Rinea Christmas Trees by Janet

How to Make Rinea Christmas Trees by Janet | Rinea
This is Janet from Try it - Like it - Create it, and I am sharing a tutorial for making Foiled Christmas Trees.

Christmas trees
These foiled trees make a great holiday decoration. Place them on a mantle, the table centerpiece, or even as place settings. They are very easy to make with minimal materials.
gold foil marking
For the smaller tree, I marked off with a pencil a height of 4". Then for the triangle sections, I measured 6 cm for each base. 
silver marking
For the larger tree, I used the same triangle measurements but I used the full height of the Rinea Foiled Paper. This time I also marked the center fold lines of each triangle.
I cut the triangles on a paper trimmer. Here is a hint, for cutting the foiled paper I placed the blade in the center of the paper and then cut out from there. This helps the paper not to buckle or tear.
Fold each of the triangles in half. If you are making a tree with alternating colors, make sure to alternate the folds so that you have the same number of each color. You can make as many or as few triangles as you desire. The more you make, the fuller the tree. For each tree, I used one sheet of 6 x 12" Rinea Foiled Paper.
To make the tree, use double-sided tape and stack the folded triangles on top of each other. Alternate colors if you desire. Once all triangles are taped and stacked, attach the first triangle to the last triangle. This will make the tree 3 dimensional. Here is another tip: when working with double-sided tape, no-stick scissors work the best. The ones I used are linked above in the material list.
small tree
Here is a photo of the smaller tree that alternates the colors.

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