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How to Make Roses with Rinea Foiled Paper by Michelle Frae Cummings

How to Make Roses with Rinea Foiled Paper by Michelle Frae Cummings | Rinea

Hi Everyone! Michelle here to show you a quick and classy way to make roses from Rinea Foiled Paper. Perfect for any occasion or craft project.Handmade Flowers with Rinea Foiled PaperFor this rose, I used the following:

  1. Violet/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper
  2. Emerald/Emerald Starstruck Foiled Paper
  3. Jade/Jade Starstruck Foiled Paper
  4. Double stick tape
  5. Bamboo skewer

You will need 3 hearts per size- Small, medium and large.

You can either hand trace and cut as I did or use a die cutting machine.

Gently crease your hearts down the middle with the fold at the back (see gold heart).

Cut a circle of foil from the Jade Starstruck- this will be your base. Cover with double stick tape.

Fold 2" of Emerald starstruck in half and cut out a stem and leaf. Unfold and crease down the middle both sides. Fold as shown and place on a circle base.

Press down 1 of 3 of your largest heart onto the tape. Arrange the other 2 hearts, careful not to hide the leaves.

Adding more tape in between layers, add the medium heart, then the small heart.

Crumple some scraps of foil into a small tight ball and press down onto tape in the center of the rose.

Curl ends of petals with a bamboo skewer or thin paintbrush handle.

Finish the rose by fluffing the petals towards the center.