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How to Make Your Own Holiday Place Cards by Janet

How to Make Your Own Holiday Place Cards by Janet | Rinea
This is Janet from Try it - Like it - Create it, and I am sharing a tutorial for making Foiled Place Cards.

These foiled place cards can be used for a number of different celebrations. The leaf design is appropriate for Thanksgiving, and the gold foil is so festive, they could be used for Christmas. 

cutting card stock on Cricut Maker
Download the free SVG file linked above in the material list and load it to your personal cutting machine. (I used a Cricut Maker) Cut out the card stock.
cut cards
Here are the cut cards from the white cardstock.

cutting rinea
From the same SVG file, set up and cut the Rinea Foiled Paper. I used the aluminum foil setting to cut.
glueing the Rinea
After both pieces are cut, use tacky glue to attach the Rinea foiled paper to the cardstock. Tip: align the leaf design first as you glue. Any straight edges that don't align can easily be trimmed if necessary. 
finished cards
The cards are finished and ready to be placed on the dining table.

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