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Ice Cream Cone Box by Nancy

Ice Cream Cone Box by Nancy | Rinea

Hello, everyone!

It's Nancy here with you today! I'm excited to show you how I made this fun 
Ice Cream Cone Box, using these fabulous Rinea foiled papers!

Every summer is filled with this special treat, right?
This one is so fun to make...and to look at too!
Maybe it's a good place to keep all your change to save for the real thing! lol

Ice Cream Cone Box

Materials Used:

Gold/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper 
Blush/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper
Mocha/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper

Ice Cream Cone Cut File  - Simply Crafty SVGs
Cricut Explore Air
Sizzix Harlequin Embossing Plate
Cardstock - Ice Cream Cone Color
One Large Red Sequin - Cherry On Top
Other Sequins or Bling for Sprinkles.

Here's How:

1. Cut the pieces out as follows:
Cone Base - Cardstock;
Cone Panels - Gold/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper;
Scoop - Blush/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper;
Scoop Panels - Mocha/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper.


2. To make the cone panels look more like a cone, I embossed them using the Sizzix Harlequin Embossing Plate. Cut them out first, and then emboss them. It reminds me of the waffle cones we really like!

3. Assemble the cut pieces, following the great instructions from Simply Crafty SVGs. Here is the assembled cone, with the embossed panels added.

4. Next, put the strawberry scoop together. Take your time! A little patience is needed for this one! 

5. Then it's time to add the chocolate layer on top. This one goes on easier but you do want to make sure they're straight.

Here's the top all assembled.


6. I added a large red sequin to the very top. This represents the cherry. It will also cover up any uneven match there may be on the points. 

7. For my sprinkles I used some flat round iridescent sequins, randomly added on my chocolate layer.



8. Place the scoop top over the cone bottom.

Here is the finished ice cream cone from several angles!

Ice Cream Cone Box 

The cone looks shorter here but it's my favorite photo because it shows the red sequin on top!

 Isn't that fun? It's so shiny and pretty!
They would look fabulous decorating a summer party table!
They also hold a good amount of treats, if you want to gift it to someone!
The lovely foiled paper makes it so special!

* * * * *
Thanks so much for stopping by today!
I'll be back again soon with another fun project!

* * * * *