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Inspirational Butterfly Cube by Michelle

Inspirational Butterfly Cube by Michelle | Rinea
Hi, Everyone! Michelle here with a pretty inspirational butterfly cube.

Rinea Foiled Paper

Trim your Blush foil to fit four sides of the cube. Crumple the foil, then open up and smooth out. Adhere this with your adhesive to the sides of the cube.
Repeat this step with the Emerald foil for top and bottom of the cube.

Cut 1½" of wire and fold in half. Then curl the end of the wire with jewelry pliers to create antennas.

Fold the Violet foil in half four times and punch out with two sizes of butterfly punches.
Add adhesive to the center of the larger butterfly, add the wire antenna, then secure the smaller butterfly on top.Adhere these butterflies to the sides of the cube and add the word stickers at the bottom.

Cut some wire to be 3" long and crimp with your fingers. Attach the dimensional butterflies at the top. Use the paper piercer to make holes in the foil, then push the wires with the butterflies on top into place. Add decorative trim if desired.