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Lanten with foiled paper by Keerthana Arun

Lanten with foiled paper by Keerthana Arun | Rinea

Hello friends, myself Keerthana Arun 

Today I'll be sharing a quick step-by-step tutorial on how to make beautiful lantern with rinea foil paper 

1. Cut 10 strips of paper measuring 3cm by 10 cm 
2. Now take each strip and start assembling them to from a round shaped lantern 
3. Take one strip of paper round it to form circle 
4. Now start sticking the pieces of strips to the top of the circle to form a lantern 
5. Just take a flower and decorate it as per your choice 
Heree I have used Autumn variety foiled paper pack from Rinea foiled paper pack 
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Thank you 😊 💓 
Keerthana Arun