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LilyPad Card with Rinea 3D Rolled Star Dies by Clair

LilyPad Card with Rinea 3D Rolled Star Dies by Clair | Rinea
Hello! It's Clair, with a cute card featuring a LilyPad made with Rinea's Emerald/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper and the 3D Rolled Star Die Set!

Lily Pad Card with Rinea Foiled Paper and 3D Rolled Star Die
You'll Need: 
Emerald/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper
3D Rolled Star Die Set
Manual Die Cut Machine
Cream Coloured Cardstock
Cream Coloured Resin Flower
Cream Coloured Sentiment Stickers
1. With a manual die cut machine, use each of the dies to make three sizes of cut circles from the Emerald/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper.
2. Take one of the circles and fold one of the 'Petals' into the center, lining the outer edge with the central cuts. 
3. Repeat around the circle until all eight edges have been folded and creased.
4. Repeat with the other sizes of the circle.
5. With some scissors, remove one 'Petal' from each of the circles.
6. Stack the circles by size and adhere. Add a small resin flower in the center of the 'Petals' to form the Lily Pad.
7. Create a layered card base with cream cardstock and the reverse side of the Emerald/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper
8. Adhere the LilyPad to the card, then add some sentiment stickers and gems to finish. 
This month the Design Team have all been showing how versatile the 3D Rolled Star Die Set can be with a series of tutorials (so check them out, if you haven't already.)