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Magical Lantern Jar - DIY by Tanvi

Magical Lantern Jar - DIY by Tanvi | Rinea
Hello, this is Tanvi with a DIY lantern jar inspired by the popular fairy jars. These look gorgeous & I love the magical ambiance they create at night!
To begin, gather your supplies - A clean jar, some star dies, Rinea foil Violet/Gold Glossy, Floracraft flowers, Mod Podge, tissue, glue gun.

First die cut some star shapes from Rinea Foil, the foil cuts like butter & l love the sharp, clean stars!

Glue these stars on the inner side of the jar as desired.

Let the jar aside to dry. Embellish the lid as desired using the gorgeous Petaloo flowers.

For a faux frosted look, I glued tissue napkins on the outside of the jar using Mod Podge. And the gorgeous, magical lantern in a jar is ready. 

DIY Lantern Jar

Do remember to insert a battery operated light in the jar to light up this magical lamp at night!