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Magnetic frame with Rinea Foiled Papers by Michelle

Magnetic frame with Rinea Foiled Papers by Michelle | Rinea

Hi! Michelle here with another great way to use up those scraps of Rinea Foiled paper!

I love how richly vibrant, the colors are of Rinea Foiled Papers. They brighten up any room! So I thought it would be nice to make a magnetic frame for our kitchen.

Magnetic Frame using Rinea Foiled Paper

Supplies used:

1. Rinea Foiled Paper of your choice. I used a variety Glossy Foiled Paper. I embossed scraps from leftover projects.

2. Helmars Craft and Hobby PVA Glue.

3. A wooden craft frame.

4. Black ink or paint

5. Scissors

6. Glitter paint (optional)

7. Strong magnets. 

On a covered work surface, color your frame black and let dry before coating with the glitter paint.

Cut up your scraps of Foiled Paper into different sizes and lengths.

Apply the Helmars glue to the back of each Foiled Paper.

Start adding the Foil to the outside edge of the frame. Hold the Foil in place for about 10 seconds on the side before moving onto the top of the frame. 

Leave spaces in between each Foil piece to create a mosaic look.

Adhere the magnets the back of the frame with the Helmars glue and let set before using to frame your favorite photo or recipe on your refrigerator or other metal surfaces!

Magnetic Frame using Rinea Foiled Paper