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Make A Bow by Betz

Make A Bow by Betz | Rinea
With Christmas just around the corner there is no better time than to make a few bows! Using Rinea Foiled Paper not only creates gorgeous toppers for your gifts, they also hold their shape nicely. With a few taps on the edges you can bring them back to life in case they get smashed under the Christmas tree. In order to create a set of three bows you will need the following:
Glue Dots
1) Trim two strips of foiled paper measuring 1 inch by 12 inch
2) Take one strip and connect the ends than bring the center down and staple. Set aside
3) Trim the other strip into two parts -- 3 inches and 9 inches.
4) Take the 3 inch pieces and wrap around the center of the bow where you stapled. Using a glue dot adhere it to the bow to create the center piece.
5) Fold the 9 inch strip and trim a triangle in the end. Carefully separate and adhere with another glue dot to the back of the bow.

Here is a quick video on how to make a bow:

Make sure to come back for more inspiration! 
Betz Golden