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Make A Box Of Popcorn For Your Valentine
By Roni Johnson

Posted on January 24 2021

Rinea Foiled Paper Popcorn Fun by Roni Johnson

Create a fun home decor piece for your Valentine and tell them just how much you love them using Rinea's 3D Hyacinth Die Set and an old movie reel. They'll cherish it now and throughout the year.


Step 1 - Cut a 12" circle from cardboard and cover it using Sapphire/Sapphire Starstruck foiled paper.

Step 2 - Glue strips of tickets to the right side of the circle on a diagonal.

Step 3 - Use a real popcorn box or download and print your own. Adhere it over top of the tickets.

Rinea Foiled Paper Popcorn Fun by Roni Johnson

Step 4 - Use the Hyacinth 3D die to cut several pieces of Arctic/Gold Glossy foiled paper. (number of pieces will depend on the size and amount popcorn you wish to make)

Step 5 - Tear the die-cuts into sections between 2 - 5 strips per section. This makes the easier to curl and for ease of placement.

Rinea Foiled Paper Popcorn Fun by Roni Johnson

Step 6 - Roll the strips around a pencil, skewer or other thin circular instrument to make the curls.

Rinea Foiled Paper Popcorn Fun by Roni Johnson

Step 7 - Repeat this process until you have a nice big pile of curls.

Rinea Foiled Paper Popcorn by Roni JohnsonRinea Foiled Paper Popcorn by Roni Johnson

Step 8 - Glue the individual curls to the panel starting at the top of the heap of popcorn working downwards towards the popcorn box widening the pile as you work your way down.

Note: Use a pick or skewer to "Fluff" the curls and twist them this way and that to give it a classic popcorn look. Turn a few of the curls so the gold is showing to imitate the butter on the popcorn.

Step 9 - Die-cut letters for the sentiment from Ebony/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper and adhere to the left side of the popcorn box.

Step 10 -  Embellish the piece further by adding extra tickets and bits of popcorn here and there.

Step 11 - (if desired) affix the panel to an old movie reel. 

Not only is this a great piece for your loved one but it's a fun home decor piece for the family room, man cave or home theater. Will bring joy to everyone who sees it.


Rinea Foiled Paper - Sapphire/Sapphire Starstruck, Arctic/Gold Glossy, Ebony/Gold Glossy, 3D Hyacinth Die Set

Poppy Stamps - Letter Dies

Cardboard, Popcorn Box, Tickets, Movie Reel