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Make A Diagonal Double Pocket Card for Valentine's Day by Susie Bentz

Make A Diagonal Double Pocket Card for Valentine's Day by Susie Bentz | Rinea

One of my favorite ways to present gift cards, tickets, and notes happens to be in a diagonal double pocket card. Rinea Foiled Paper is ideal for this technique because it shows both sides of the paper when it is completed.  It is really easy to make and would be perfect for Valentine's Day, especially if you make it using the Blush/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper like I did!

Did you know that Rinea Foiled Paper is available in a rolled sheet that measures 20" x 36"?  Perfect for larger format projects like this!  I cut a piece to the standard letter size, 8.5" x 11".

Fold the paper in half length-wise and crease, with the gold on the inside. Open the paper, turn it 90 degrees and fold the paper in half again, width-wise this time. Crease.  Open the paper.

Align the paper so that the short side is on the bottom. With scissors, cut along the crease line from the left edge of the paper to the intersection of crease lines in the middle.

Fold the top left corner down so that it is about 1" from the center fold line - I use the lines on my cutting mat to make this really easy. Crease.

Fold the top left quadrant over on top of the right quadrant. Crease.  Adhere the top (gold) layer to the bottom (pink) image along the right edge.

Fold the bottom left quadrant under the bottom right quadrant. Crease.

Fold the bottom right corner up, top layer only, so that it meets the center fold line. Crease. Adhere along the left edge. Repeat with the bottom layer.

Put adhesive along the left and right edges of the pink paper and fold the bottom section up. Crease.

You have now created 2 pockets with a diagonal edge!

I decorated along the pocket edges with washi tape and strips of contrasting foiled paper. 

I created a focal point on the front of the bottom pocket using dimensional stickers from Paper House Productions.

The pockets can now be stuffed with notes, gift cards, tickets, photos, etc. before you tuck it into an envelope lined with Gold/Gold Starstruck Foiled Paper.

Paper House Productions - Vintage Romance Snapshot Stickers
Cardstock, ribbon, washi tape