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Make a Hoppy Easter Home Décor Sign by Jessa Plant

Make a Hoppy Easter Home Décor Sign by Jessa Plant | Rinea
Hello creative friends! It's Jessa from Sparkle Living Blog here with you today to share how I made this sweet Hoppy Easter Sign.


Using the bunny die and a die cutting machine, cut out three bunnies and their bows in the corrugated cardstock. I cut them out so that the stripes of the corrugated cardstock went either horizontal or vertical, to add some visual interest.
Place a small amount of white paint on a paper or pallet and run the brayer through it so that there is a thin layer of paint on the brayer. Be careful, because too much paint will get gloppy and ruin the effect. Lightly roll the brayer over the bunny, going the direction of the corrugated part. Let dry.
Using the Rinea Pastel Foiled Paper, cut out the bows, and the letters for HOPPY EASTER using the dies.
Any type of crafting glue will work for this project. I like to use a sticker maker, because it makes all the little pieces stick easily, without the mess of wet glue.

Stick the foiled paper bows on top of the bows cut out from the corrugated cardstock and then stick them to the bunnies.

Trim the watercolor paper so that it will fit in the frame (the frame I used is an 8 x 10.) Center the bunnies on to the watercolor paper and stick them on, taking note of what direction the corrugation is going.

Adhere the letters at the bottom. I placed them on in a bouncy way, because it's fun and because there was no way I was going to get them lined up straight!
Frame your Hoppy Easter masterpiece and display for all to enjoy!