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Make a Merry Mint Christmas Shaker Card
by Roni Johnson

Make a Merry Mint Christmas Shaker Card<br/><small> by Roni Johnson</small> | Rinea
Final Christmas in July least for this year. Today I wanted to share my Merry Mint Shaker Card.  I just love to make shaker cards and I find that when I make them with Rinea foiled papers it just gives them that extra special something.
Christmas Shaker Card using Rinea Foiled Paper
A spectacular shaker card to wow your loved ones at Christmas time. This card does take a bit of extra time but the results are so worth it when you see the finished card!
Here's what I did....
Step 1 - Cover a 4.5 x 6" piece of cardstock with Arctic/Gold Glossy foiled paper.
Step 2 - Die cut the Candy Twist design on a diagonal pattern leaving at least 1/4" space on all sides of each cut.  This is to ensure that your cardstock stays in a single piece.
Step 3 - Glue the Arctic diecut piece of cardstock to a piece of acetate. This will give the cardstock some support and be the window for the shaker.
Step 4 - Cut several Candy Twist diecuts from Ruby/Gold Glossy foiled paper.
Step 5 - Glue the Ruby Candy Twist diecuts in the Arctic card panel.
Step 6 - Cut a double stitched frame from Ruby/Gold Glossy foiled paper.
Step 7 - Cover the Arctic panel with the Ruby stitched frame, trim away any excess from the Arctic Panel.
Step 8 - Create a well on the backside of the Arctic panel using double stick foam tape.
Step 9 - Fill the shaker cavity with Sparkle Blends Merry Mint sequins mix.
Step 10 - Cover the shaker with a piece of white cardstock.
Step 11 - Cover a card blank with Emerald/Emerald Starstruck foiled paper. Crop the corners with a corner rounder.
Step 12 - Mount the shaker card to the card base.
Step 13 - Diecut sentiment from Cobalt/Gold Glossy foiled paper.  Adhere the sentiment to the card.
Rinea Merry Mint Shaker Card by Roni Johnson
Rinea Merry Mint Shaker Card by Roni Johnson
Sparkle Blends - Limited Edition Merry Mint
The Rabbit Hole Designs - Candy Twist Diecut
Acetate, Cardstock, Adhesive, Double Stick Foam Tape