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Make A Photo Cube With Rinea Foiled Paper & Floracraft

Make A Photo Cube With Rinea Foiled Paper & Floracraft | Rinea
Hello! Hello! It's Clair here this morning, with a simple (but special) make for the weekend! I've made a Photo Cube, using my Rinea Foiled Papers; a Floracraft Cube; and some of my favourite photographs! 

My friend, Sarah, and I had an amazing time at a beading retreat (and there's evidence in the form of some really daft photographs!) 

First I needed to choose a colour for my base - and I eventually chose to use the Sapphire/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper, because it matched the colour of the dress I'm wearing in my photographs! 

Covering the base is really, really easy. Pretend that you are wrapping a present! 

The Floracraft Cubes are sized at 3in x 3in, so I cut all of my photographs down to 2.5in x 2.5 in - which means that there's still a little bit of that lovely Rinea shine on show!

To finish off the cube, I added a few small (and flat) embellishments - to add a little bit of interest. (You can add more dimensional embellishments if you want, but remember that if these are on the bottom of the cube at any time, that the cube won't sit without wobbling!)

I'm thrilled with how this super simple cube turned out - and I'm sure I'll make some more to send to friends, or display on my desk at work!