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Make a Resin Pendant with Rinea Foiled Paper by Susie Bentz

Posted on March 28 2021

Jewelry is always a good idea so I made a couple of resin pendants with tiny stars cut from Rinea's Foiled Paper.

I pulled out the Frosted Foiled Paper Variety Pack and then selected some glitters in similar colors.  I die cut stars in all of the colors and in a couple of different sizes and then set them aside.

Following the manufacturer's instructions I mixed up a small portion of resin and filled the molds halfway.  I sprinkled glitter on the surface and left them to cure. After a couple of hours I sprinkled in my stars and then filled the molds with another layer of resin. I used a hatpin to make sure the stars were positioned where I wanted them to be and then I just left the pendants to cure.

I added a jump ring for now, but I may change that to a knotted rayon cord.  Don't the stars look amazing?!

I may actually turn this one into a keychain!

Die - stars
Silicone Mold