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Make A Butterfly Necklace by Clair

Make A Butterfly Necklace by Clair | Rinea

Hello! It's Clair here today with something a little different! Today, I have a tutorial to show you how to use some of those beautiful Rinea Foiled Papers to make some jewelry! 

Necklace Jewelry using Rinea Foiled Paper

You'll need:

  • Your favorite colors of Rinea Foiled Paper. I've used the beautiful Mocha/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper which matched my stash of Antiqued Copper Jewellery Findings!
  • Die-cutting Machine and a selection of small dies. 
  • Glue stick.
  • Jumprings.
  • Necklace chain.
  • Pliers.
  • Resin or varnish (optional)

To make a similar necklace follow the instructions below or use them to inspire your own projects!

1. Rinea Foiled Papers hold their shape well, because of their unique properties, but you'll need to make it a little more robust for jewelry! So, to start, use the Glue stick to stick 3-4 layers of Rinea Foiled Paper to each other and let it dry.

2. Once dry, use a small die to cut three small butterflies from the Rinea Foiled Paper. You can see that, because of the layers, the small holes in the die (made for releasing the die-cut) have left little marks on my die-cut. I love this accidental effect, as it reminds me of riveted metals! 

3. With jewelry pliers, open a jump ring and 'thread' it through a small space at the top edge of a butterfly. Then thread it through the same space on the opposite side of another butterfly die-cut. Close the jump ring to connect the butterflies.

4. Repeat Step 3 to connect all three butterflies.

5. Open a link in the center of the necklace chain, then add the butterfly section with additional jump rings.

You'll find that the Rinea Foiled Paper is fairly hardwearing, but you may want to cover the butterfly elements with a resin or varnish! 

Now enjoy wearing your custom necklace!