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Make Glam French Tags
by Jessa Plant

Make Glam French Tags <br/><small> by Jessa Plant </small> | Rinea

Hi there! It's Jessa from Sparkle here today with these gorgeous glam tags with a little French on them. Rêve means 'dream' in French and je t'aime means 'I love you.' These are perfect for Valentine's Day gifting or for an art journal. 




Cut out the tags and letters using your die cutting machine. I cut the tags out of black cardstock and the letters in both the black cardstock and the gold side of the Ebony/Gold Glossy Solid Foiled Paper. 

Take a piece of the Rinea Ebony/Gold Glossy foiled paper and emboss it using the embossing folder and the die cutting machine.

Take the Ghost Ink 2.0 and lightly rub it on top of the embossed foiled paper. Grab a damp rag and gently rub the top of the foiled paper. The black will rub off and leave the silver behind.

Run the foiled paper and letters through the sticker maker or use glue and adhere the embossed foiled paper to the cardstock tag. Cut off the excess foiled paper.

Adhere the gold letters on top of the black cardstock letters, then adhere them  to the tag. 

Add a ribbon and you are done!