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Make Some Hello, Hello, Hello Notecards by Jessa Plant

Make Some Hello, Hello, Hello Notecards by Jessa Plant | Rinea

Hello, hello, hello there friends! Jessa here from Sparkle Living Blog and I have some sweet little notecard tutorial to share with you today. I love having a handful of notecards in a drawer to add to a gift or to drop off at a neighbor's door.

I also love to create backgrounds and then use Rinea Foiled Paper for the accents. The brightly colored foiled paper really adds a pop to the background!


  • 8.5"x11" watercolor paper
  • 3/4 inch washi or low-tac tape
  • ruler
  • black watercolor paint or oxide ink
  • waterbrush
  • Rinea Foiled Paper in Colbalt/Gold, Fuschia/Gold, Violet/Gold, and Lavender/Gold
  • Craft cutting machine
  • Hello svg
  • Sticker maker or other adhesive


Using the washi tape, watercolor paper and ruler, create lines with the washi tape. Rub the Distress Oxide on to the paper over the tape. 
Paint over the oxide with a waterbrush to create unique effects and let dry.
Once the paint is dry, peel off the tape and cut the paper into 4 squares. 
Using the electric craft cutter, cut out three 'hellos' in each color of the Rinea foiled paper.
Using a sticker maker machine, run the 'hellos' through the machine. Carefully remove the 'hellos' from the backing (they can be pretty fragile) and place them on to the striped card.
Create a set and tie them with a ribbon to give as a gift, or write a sweet note on the back and send to a friend!