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Make Your Own Holiday Hanging Ornaments

Posted on November 15 2017

Hello! Hello! It's Clair here today, and I'm excited to show off the 'Holiday Hanging Ornaments' that I've been busy making with my Rinea Foiled Paper. I've chosen to work with a selection of colors that will work well with my existing decorations (I love blue and silver), but there are so many colors of Rinea Foiled Paper to choose from that I am sure there's something suitable for everyone! 

Christmas Ornaments with Rinea Foiled Paper

You'll need the following items, to follow the tutorial exactly (but there are lots of opportunities to customise.)

Crafter's Roll -  Sapphire/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper
Crafter's Roll - Sapphire/Sapphire Starstruck Foiled Paper
Crafter's Roll - Turquoise/Turquoise Starstruck Foiled Paper
Crafter's Roll - Silver/Silver Starstruck Foiled Paper
Stick Adhesive
Selection of Circle Dies
Die Cutter

Optional - Drop Beads
Optional - Bicone Beads

1. Start by cutting six circles from the Crafter's Roll - Sapphire/Sapphire Starstruck Foiled Paper. (You can, of course, use any Rinea Foiled Paper, but for these ornaments - where a lot is required - the Crafter's Roll is definitely the best value!)

2. Fold each of the circles in half, then add adhesive to one half-circle only. Attach it to the next half-circle.

3. Continue to connect the half-circles, until there is a stack (as above) of half-circles.

4. Take the first and last half-circle and adhere to form a full circle with six sides (as below.)

5. To add the thread to the ornament, fold the circles flat. Fold thread and place the fold at the base of the ornament. Temporarily adhere the thread to each side of the ornament with washi. (This helps to keep it still while knotting!) Then securely with a knot in the thread at the top of the ornament. 

You'll find that, once the ornament is fully opened out, the thread will stay in place without the need for the Washi. Carefully remove it!

6. For the optional, beaded element (and a little bit of extra sparkle!) add a drop bead to the center of the thread, then add a small bicone bead to both thread ends. 

7. With the beaded element at the base of the ornament, add the thread to the ornament as in Step 5.

Christmas Ornaments with Rinea Foiled Paper

I love both versions of these ornaments - and can't wait to add them to my holiday decorations! I am so excited to see my twinkly lights reflected in the surface of these beautiful Rinea Foiled Papers!