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Make "Pinch Proof" Resin Charms with Rinea Foiled Paper

Posted on March 14 2021

With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, I decided to create some resin charms to make my daughter "pinch proof"!

For the first charm I cut my daughter's initials out of the Emerald Starstruck and a tiny heart out of the Gold Starstruck and set them aside.

Following the manufacturer's directions, I mixed a small portion of resin and filled the charm mold about half way.  I mixed in the micro beads and let it cure for several hours. I added the initials and the heart I had cut and then covered them with more resin.

When it was ready I de-molded the charm and added a jump ring!

For the second charm I cut a small arrow out of Jade Starstruck Foiled Paper.  Again, I mixed a small portion of resin and filled the mold halfway.  

After it cured, I added the arrow and transparent alpha stickers spelling out the words "be green".  

I also added a tiny heart cut from Emerald/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper before filling the mold with another layer of resin. Perfect for St. Patrick's Day or Earth Day, don't you think?  

My daughter has the charms dangling off of her purse!

Suze Weinberg's BeaDazzles - Calypso
Recollections Alpha Stickers - clear 
Dies - arrow, alpha, heart
Silicone Mold