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Making a Journal with Janet

Posted on June 20 2019

This is Janet from Try it - Like it - Create it and I am sharing a tutorial for making your own journal using a bookbinding technique. The cover is enhanced with a few embellishments and a die cut using Rinea Foiled Paper.

DIY a Journal with Rinea



paper for DIY a Journal with Rinea

To begin, cut sketchbook paper to your desired size. Then cut a scrapbooking paper about 1/8" taller and about 4" longer. Actual measurements don't really matter and are flexible.

die cutting for DIY a Journal with Rinea

Cut the Rinea foiled paper, I used my Cricut Cuttlebug. 

adding tabs for DIY a Journal with Rinea

After cutting the cover I realized I wanted to tuck in the first and last page so I used pieces of Rinea to make small tabs. These tabs are folded in half and glued to the cover paper.

poking holes for DIY a Journal with Rinea

To make the binding I poked two holes equidistant from each edge. Using a larger needle than the one you will be sewing with. This takes some strength and force to get through all the layers. 

sewing binding for DIY a Journal with Rinea

To sew the binding, begin on the inside of the journal going through one hole to the outside. Leave a long tail end inside the journal. Loop the thread around the end of the journal and back to the inside, go through the same hole again. Take the needle to the next hole from the outside into the inside. Wrap the string around the end of the journal going through the same hole again to the inside of the journal. Now tie the tail and the string on the needle together in the middle of the journal with a double knot. Trim the ends of the string.

embellishments for DIY a Journal with Rinea

I chose to add a few more embellishments to the cover. I added a floral element and a few Stickles dots in the corners. 

final open image for DIY a Journal with Rinea

Here is a photo of the finished journal open. You can see the first page is tucked into the folded cover. The back page is the same. It is now ready to give as a gift or to journal in. I hope you enjoy it.

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