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Mardi Gras Mask by Michelle

Mardi Gras Mask by Michelle | Rinea
Hi everyone, Michelle here with a fun way to dress up an ordinary mask and make it fabulous! 
Mardi Gras mask using Rinea Foiled Paper

I purchased the plain plastic mask from the party store but you can also decorate any mask that you may have.


Sharpened pencil
Permanent colored markers
Felt strips
Clear drying tacky glue
Double stick tape
Butterfly punch or die
Die cutting machine

Follow the instructions on the package on how to die cut and roll the stars using your pencil.  Make sure to make up all 3 sizes of the stars.
Set aside 2 same size stars.
Cut the rest of your stars into 2 points as shown.

Turn the mask over and add a line of double stick tape at the top. Start pressing the points of the smallest star in place.

Next, add the middle size and lastly the large star.

Add a line of glue and press down the felt. The felt helps keep the foil in place and provides some comfort.

Use scraps for your butterfly and color the rhinestones with the markers.

Glue your reserved stars at the top corners of the mask and accent with rhinestones. 
Embellish the rest of the mask with the butterflies and more rhinestones.
Mardi Gras mask using Rinea Foiled Paper

Here are some more variations.

Mardi Gras mask using Rinea Foiled Paper
Mardi Gras mask using Rinea Foiled Paper

Now we are ready to party!