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Misfits Card by Martha Lucia

Misfits Card by Martha Lucia | Rinea
Hello crafty friends, Martha Lucia, here with you.
I decided to make something different, not because I don't like Christmas, it is because I am ready for Christmas and need to start thinking of other things to create and celebrate. I made a card using the Misfits Foiled Paper Variety Pack and the Polish Papercuts Dies.

Cardmaking with Rinea Foiled Paper

If you asked me for my favorites packages of Rinea Foiled Paper, I need to confess that I love the Misfits Foiled Paper Variety Pack. The reason is simple; this package includes all the colors and designs of Rinea Foiled Paper. They are available in two different sizes and works perfectly with my style of crafting.
To make this card, I used as inspiration the Polish Papercuts 3D Dies from Altenew. These dies are small pieces that can be combined and arranged in the shape that you want. I used my favorite colors of glossy and created this big flower.

Cardmaking with Rinea Foiled Paper

Created the card base using teal card stock and then added a second layer using Ebony/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper. I added a third layer using Silver Starstruck Foiled paper, and over the top layer, I arranged and pasted all the petals and stems of my big flower.
Work with die cuts using Rinea Foiled paper is equal simple of cut card stock, the difference is the shine and extraordinary touch that you add to your projects. Thank you for stopping by and see you soon!