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Mixed Media Art by Janet

Mixed Media Art by Janet | Rinea
This is Janet from Try it - Like it - Create it, and I am sharing a tutorial for making mixed media art using Rinea foiled paper.

mixed media art
Creating art with mixed media can often feel like play. The idea is to take a variety of different mediums and colors and balance them on the page. Layer by layer, the work evolves. The various elements can create movement, or you can have a distinctive focal point, just like this work does. The gold Rinea Foiled Paper butterfly at the top left of the piece is what the focal point is on my piece.
As mentioned above, the work is built in layers, and the following photos will show each step of the process. 

Ginko leaf stencil, stamp pad, cosmetic brush

circle stencil, gold paint
torn cardstock, adhesive
Rinea foiled paper negative pieces from die cuts.
Ginko leaf stencil, teal paint
butterfly stamp, purple ink
circle stencil, blue glitter paint
stickles dots
gold marker in a zig-zag pattern
die-cut butterfly in gold Rinea foiled paper
glue center of the butterfly
place butterfly for the focal point