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Name That Foil Challenge Winner

Name That Foil Challenge Winner | Rinea
We have a winner from the "name that foil" challenge to help us find a name that helps explain the foil paper.  We had many amazing entries across all our social media including some fun names such as
  • Flexifoil
  • Amazing Foil
  • Foily-ishious
  • Lustre

Just to name a few, and thank you to all our entries who participated and helped us decide the name.  It came down to what name would help people understand the paper a bit more and when we heard this entry we knew we had a winner.

Double Sided Foiled Paper

The entry was given at our most recent conference The Scrapbook Expo by Connie (we have your info and will be sending out your prize).  So congrats Connie, on a wonderful name! 

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