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Peek-a-Boo Corner Spring Card by Charity

Peek-a-Boo Corner Spring Card by Charity | Rinea
Charity here from Scrappin' Chaos with a Spring card that features a Peek-a-Boo corner. After all, the Easter Bunny isn't meant to be seen by just anyone. First, one must believe!

~ Hello Spring ~
Spring Easter Card using Rinea Foiled Paper
Along with Spring shaped dies I also used the Pastels Foiled Paper Variety Pack from Rinea. I used all glossy finish in this project, including the reverse gold side for the rabbit and butterflies.
Step 1. Peek-a-boo Corner
I folded back the upper right corner of the card blank and pierced two holes. I added a few drops of glue and lined up the corner piece and bunny. Then I laced beading thread through the holes and tied a bow.
Step 2. Grass
I cut a 1" strip of Jade/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper the width of my card. I turned it into grass with Shredding Shears. I needed the grass blades to move freely, so I added a thin strip of glue only along the solid edge.
 Step 3. Eggs and Butterflies
The eggs were placed between the grass blades. I thinned out the grass for the large egg, so the words were not obscured.
A couple of butterflies finished off the spring tableau.
Another shot of this Hello Spring card shows the high gloss of Rinea Foiled Paper.
Spring Easter Card using Rinea Foiled Paper

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