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Pine Cone Wreath Wrapped With Foiled Paper Streamers by Charity

Pine Cone Wreath Wrapped With Foiled Paper Streamers by Charity | Rinea
Charity here with a pine cone wreath wrapped with foiled paper streamers that will be a lovely addition to any front door. This one features handmade streamers and beautiful Christmas colors. Try it with scented pine cones for an extra touch of holiday spirit. December is almost here, but there is still time for more decor projects using Rinea Foiled Paper.
 ~ Pine Cone Wreath ~

Christmas Wreath with Rinea Foiled Paper

Step 1. Wrap wreath form in Mocha Foiled Paper
I had old, dry pine cones with very little weight. I used a 1/2" cardboard ring with a 9" center. Fresh pinecones are quite heavy and will require a wire or styrofoam wreath form. I had scraps from making the Dragon Wings to wrap the form with. I cut 1/2" strips and secured the ends with tape.

Step 2. Cut the wire and wrap around pine cone, secure to the wreath with ends.
I used 12" of wire for each cone. However, with a thicker or larger wreath form, that number may need to be adjusted. Be sure to use wire cutters.

Step 3. Cut strips of foiled paper, 2" wide.
This project is definitely made easier by purchasing Rinea Foiled Paper in rolls. I used 144" of streamers. To do so, I had to cut three lengthwise strips of  Emerald Starstruck Paper and three lengthwise strips of Silver Starstruck Paper. I also used a border punch along both sides of my streamers.

Step 4. Wrap streamers around the wreath.
I wrapped the green first then the silver, securing the ends with tape.
 This wreath will not store well, so I made the streamers removable. To do this, I placed tape on the wreath form where I wanted to attach my streamers. When the season is over the streamers will detach easily from the pre-taped surface.

Step 6. Cut four strips of foiled paper 2x12" and one strip 2x6". Roll and secure.
I secured my rolls with tape runner and a 1/2" overlap. I wanted lots of contrast and a continuation of the Christmas theme, so I used Ruby Starstruck Paper.

Step 7. Stack rolls and secure through the center with a brad to assemble bow.
I used a paper piercer to mark each roll at the center. Be careful not to crease the ends, or you will have a very flat bow.

Step 8. Attach bow to wreath.
That's pretty much it. Hang this beauty inside or out, then make a few more!

Stop by my blog Scrappin' Chaos for a list of supplies.
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