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Pool Party Gift Box by Annie

Pool Party Gift Box by Annie | Rinea

Hello Crafty Friends - Annie here with a Pool Box - Perfect to give to a hostess/host a gift in or for the birthday girl/boy.

 Materials Used:
Xyron 150 Sticker Maker
Xyron 3" Sticker Maker
Zig Wink of Stella - Clear
Aleene's Tacky Glue
Recollections Brand Cardstock: White, Black, and Dark Blue
Darice Brand: Wiggle Eyes
So, let's get started - creating our above ground pool box!
I start by downloading the SVG from Simply Crafty SVGs and then uploading it into my Brother Scan n Cut program. Sandy of Simply Crafty SVGs provides a PDF, and Video tutorial with all her cut files.
I cut all the file pieces from black cardstock and Rinea Foil paper. Then, I adhered the Rinea Foil Paper until the coordinating pieces.
Pool Base/Box Bottom
Next, I adhered the base of the pool. I glue a 3-panel section to a straight panel alternating them. Then, I glue the opening closed. I now have the base of the pool. Next, I turn it upside down and put some glue on all the tabs and then place the bottom piece to the pool. I then turn it right side up and use my fingers to press the tabs down to make sure I have good adhesion. I set it aside.
Pool Top/Box Lid
I repeat the process I did for the pool base and adhere the 3-section panel to a straight panel. Until I form the octagon shape. 
This time I place glue on the tabs on the inside; I then place the panel and press into place.  The tab will be showing now - but they will be covered a bit later.
Now, I add some glue the lip of the lid. I adhered the panels to the lid. **Note: Yes you will have gaps - but they will be covered in a bit. 
Next, I adhered the edge of the pool to the lid. I start by placing the edge into place. I then gently pull up a tab and put some glue on it. Then, I press firmly until the glue to make sure I have good adhesion.
Pool Poles
Now for the Poles - They will cover all the gaps on both the lid and bottom. There are 8 in total - 4 short and 4 tall. I run them through my Xyron 150 sticker maker. Then, I adhere them over the gap.
Now, it's time to add some water to our pool. I take the octagonal Rinea Turquoise Foil Paper and adhere it to the lid. I insert it into the top - press gently. 
It's now time to create the floaties and title for the pool.
Let's start with the lounger floatie.
I start by glue the left tab to pillow section of the float. I then move down to the feet section of the float glue the tad as I go. I repeat the process on the right side. 
Next, I turn it over and glue to the tabs and place the bottom to the float. **Note: there's on opening on the bottom t help you press the tabs for good adhesion. It won't be seen. I set it aside.
Now, let's work on the Duck float. 
I adhered the wings and beak onto the duck. The duck file comes with eyes but I chose not to use them instead, I used wiggle eyes.
I only add glue to the head of the duck and then I fold over the duck and press firmly. Next, I add glue to the tab and adhere it to the inside of the duck creating a little platform so to speak - for gluing it to the pool later. I set it aside.
The Ball and Title.
I adhere the Rinea Foil paper pieces onto the white cardstock ball shape. Set aside.
I adhered the blue cardstock title to the white cardstock silhouette of the title. I set it aside.
Now, to work on the ladder.
On the underside of the ladder, you will see some score lines. Gently bend the ladder on the score lines to form a curve. 
Next, add some adhesive to the tabs of the ladder and press them on the inside of the pool. Then flip the ladder down and if needed you can put some glue on the back of the ladder so that it doesn't pop-up **Note: this happens - because of pulling it off the cutting mat the paper tends to curl.
It's time to add the floaties, ball and the title to the pool. Add some adhesive to the bottom of the floaties and press into place in the water. 
I run the title and ball through my Xyron 3" Sticker Maker. Then, I placed it on the side of the pool. Layering the title over the ball. 
I added a bit of Zig Wink of Stella to the title for a bit of shimmer.
Now, the pool is complete! 
You can fill it with goodies and give it that special someone.
My son's best friend had a pool party last week. I made one of these and gave it to the mom filled with chocolate, a pain reliever and a gift card for a massage. 
Thank you for stopping by the blog today - I hope you found some inspiration!
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