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Pumpkin Fall Foil card

Pumpkin Fall Foil card | Rinea

Hi! Michelle here to show you a unique way to make up some Fall cards! This technique is known as Iris Folding, but for this card, we won't be folding the paper.

Rinea Foiled Paper

For this project, I used the following:

You will also need:

  • A folded blank card
  • Black cardstock cut to fit on the front of a blank card.
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Masking and clear tape
  • Adhesive

Begin by printing the above pattern out twice to fit your card.

Cut out the first printout and use for tracing onto the black cardstock.

Carefully cut out the inside shape and discard.

Follow the guideline above and tape down your color choices.

Place the pattern over the top of your card, so the design peeks through the hole. Hold it in place with one piece of removable tape- this will act as a 'hinge' to check your progress.

Before you can begin working with the foils, you need to have your tape ready. Attach pieces of the clear tape to something where you can get to them easily. I had 36 spaces on my pattern to cover, so I made sure to have double that in tape ready plus some extra pieces.

Cut strips of foil so that it is a little longer than the opening.
Line up a strip of foil with the inside edge of the area labeled with a "1"
Tape both ends of the strip of foil face down to the card as shown- the backside of some of the foils are all gold, so you'll want to routinely flip the card over to 'check' your design progress.

Here we are the end. Before adding the center piece, use the leftover tape piece to secure any loose strips.

Finish your pumpkin by adding a leaf and curly vine.

Adhere to front of the card.

Rinea Foiled Paper