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Let's Make Some Fun Summer Pinwheels by Jess Kaiser

Let's Make Some Fun Summer Pinwheels by Jess Kaiser | Rinea
Hello Rinea friends!

It's Jess here today and I have a simple, fun for kids project to celebrate the 4th of July (or even Canada Day!) using Rinea Foiled Paper - pinwheels!

 You don't need a ton of supplies for this project either - scissors, a ruler, some brads, pencils (or skewers), some hot glue....and of course, your RINEA Foiled Paper!  No special cutting equipment needed at all.

 I used the Ruby Starstruck Foiled Paper, the BRAND NEW Cobalt/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper, and the Arctic Starstruck Foiled Paper for these pinwheels.

Step One:

Cut your squares! I used 3x3, 4x4, and 6x6 sizes to make these pinwheels.

Step Two:

Measure out the center using a ruler and draw a line from each corner towards the center up to about 1" from the middle.


Step 3:

Cut along the lines!


Step 4:

Fold every other corner in towards the middle and secure with a brad.


 Step 5:

Adhere to a stick of choice using hot glue. I used leftover school supply pencils and skewers - I really wanted to upcycle what I had on hand!  Now, if you would like these pinwheels to actually spin, you can use a thumbtack or pushpin and push into the eraser of the pencil (just make sure to trim the back of the pin off so it isn't sharp and sticking out of the back!).


Step 6: (optional!)

Add some fun ribbon! 

 There you have it! Simple, patriotic pinwheels! You could use them to decorate your 4th of July party scape, tuck one onto a birthday present as a bow (don't use the stick!), or just put them in your flowerbed for your party!

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See you soon!