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Rinea at Blue Genie Art Bazaar

Posted on November 25 2016

Rinea is has a booth selling the German star ornaments plus the star kits art the Blue Genie Art Bazaar in Austin, TX going on from Nov 25th through Dec 24th.  This bazaar is all about showcasing local artists and designers with the arts for sale during the holiday season.  Rinea is there selling the amazing star ornaments the Diane personally makes.
You can buy the start pre-made in a multitude of different colors or as a kit with the foils and round stencils template to create your own stars at the show. 

Here is a video of the Rinea Booth and a walk around the vendor floor.
Blue Genie is located in Austin Texas and is open from 10am
Look how pretty these stars look on a Christmas tree!!!  You can buy a star in a box, or pick one off the tree, or even buy the kit to make your own!!  So many colors to choose from!!  The booth is right by the checkout, just look for the rotating tree filled with ornaments.
To learn how to make these stars for yourself please see our YouTube Channel for full tutorials.  These stars are an amazing gift and keepsake for your holiday season!!

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