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How To Make Origami Whales by Roni

How To Make Origami Whales by Roni | Rinea

Rinea Cobalt Origami Whales with Roni Johnson

Hello Friends - Roni here with a really fun origami project using the beautiful new color of foiled paper offered at Rinea - Cobalt.

I instantly thought of whales when I saw this color so I thought it would be fun to share a few origami whales with you using this lovely new color.  I have selected three different styles of origami whales I made each with it's own unique look and personality to share. Of course a quick search of YouTube and you will find hundreds of designs to choose from.

Something to keep in mind when considering an origami project - you can easily change the size of the finished creation to fit your need by simply altering the size of the beginning square. The first example was made using an 8x8" square, the second and third examples were made using 6x6" squares.  

Rinea Cobalt Origami Whales with Roni Johnson

The first style creates a flat whale that would be great for greeting cards, banners, signs, scrapbook pages and so much more. He's such a cutie - he looks very happy to me.  I like that this design takes advantage of the Gold Glossy side of the foiled paper as well. 

Link to the instructional video - Whale #1 Easy Origami Blue Whale

Rinea Foiled Paper Origami Cobalt Whale with Roni Johnson

The next whale is a great example that can be used either flat or opened up a bit and become a 3D whale! I love the fact that the foiled paper can be shaped in a way that actually adds a bit of depth and dimension to origami projects.

Whale #2 - Origami Whale/Origami Blue Whale

Rinea Foiled Paper Origami Cobalt Whale with Roni Johnson

The final origami whale example I have to share with you reminds me of a sperm whale. This is a bit of an unusual departure from other origami projects as they actually advise you to cut the folded tail section so that it can be spread open for a much different look.  To make this whale stand up I gave a little tug of the flippers to widen the base a bit which works beautifully with the foiled paper.

Whale #3 - Origami Whale Paper Crafts 1101

I hope you give these whales a try and enjoy the art of origami. I'll be back a bit later with more fun origami sea creatures during the month of June.

A few tips on using Rinea Foiled Papers for origami projects:

1. You don't have to repeatedly crease the folds as shown in the videos using paper. A single fold with hold it's shape by simply running your finger over the fold.

2. The foiled paper will allow you to easily turn some origami projects into 3D works of art as it holds it's shape so well. 

3. Due to the nature of origami small cracks will appear in the foil exposing the white inner core. This is normal and to be expected. It can be easily remedied by running a like color marker over the cracks making them virtually disappear.


Rinea Foiled Paper - Cobalt/Gold Glossy