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Halloween Treat Bag by Lorrie

Halloween Treat Bag by Lorrie | Rinea
Hey, y'all! It's Lorrie and I am back with an adorable little bag that is perfect for Halloween or any time you want to share little treats. Rinea Foiled paper is so different from other paper because it holds its shape, making it just right for 3D projects like this one.

This treat bag is super easy to make! I used the Gift Bag Die from Pink and Main and Violet/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper. Once cut out, it's so easy to fold the paper into a bag shape. The foiled paper holds the creases so well that it barely takes any adhesive! Since the paper is double-sided, it makes the bag look so much better than just plain cardstock. 
Then I made the bow, again using a die set. 
I cut it out using Gold/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper
This bow has three parts: the bow (the piece that looks like glasses), the tails, and the little piece that wraps around the middle of the bow. Again, Rinea Foiled Paper is so perfect for 3D projects like this! It keeps that beautiful shape and the shine looks amazing.
To make the bow, I just folded the "bow" piece so that the little tabs on each side meet in the middle. I put a little adhesive to hold the tabs down, then I wrapped the small rectangle around the middle and held it in place with a little more adhesive. Finally, I adhered it to the "tails" piece and then attached the whole thing to the bag.
This bag is just the right size to hold tiny treats for those little ghosts and goblins that will come to your door at Halloween!