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St. Patrick's Day Little Leprechaun Hat with Annie

Posted on February 26 2020

Hello Crafty Friends - Annie here with a fun decoration for St. Patrick's Day!
This cute Leprechaun Hat is perfect for your table decore or mantle.  It's small enough for a child to wear while watching your local parade.
I used a cut file from Simply Crafty SVGs for the hat called you guessed it Leprechaun Hat. Along with some of our wonderful Rinea Foil Paper.

Materials Used
Recollection Brand 65lb Cardstock: Emerald Green & White
Xyron Creative Station Lite
Scotch 3M Craft GlueBrother Scan N Cut Electronic Machine

Let's get started!

I start by downloading and cutting all the pieces of the Leprechaun hat using the Brother Scan N Cut. I then ran the Rinea Emerald/Emerald Starstruck Foil Paper hat panels and Shamrock, Rinea Ebony/Ebony Starstruck Foil Paper hatband, and Rinea Gold/Gold Glossy Foil Paper hat buckle through the Xyron Creative Station Lite. 

I then start adhering the hat base panels together. I apply a bit of adhesive to the tabs and then press the next panel onto the tabs. I continue this for all ten panels. Until I form the crown of the hat.


Next, I adhered the top panel of the crown to close it off.  I add some adhesive to one of the tabs and attach the top panel. Once, attached I continue to add adhesive to the rest of the tabs and pressing the top panel into place. I flip the hat over and press the tabs from the inside against the table to make sure they are secure.


Then, I form the brim of the hat.  I add a bit of adhesive to one of the tabs. I press the two panels together. You will have a ring.


I then flip the crown upside down and attach the brim to it. I add a bit of adhesive to one of the tabs and press onto the inside of the crown. I then move to an opposite tab to repeat the process. I continue all around the brim until it's completely attached to the crown. 

  Next, I flip the hat right side up and start attaching the Rinea Emerald/Emerald Starstruck Foil Paper hat panels. I take my time to center each panel on the hat. You should have a nice border all around each  Rinea Emerald/Emerald Starstruck Foil Paper hat panels.


 Then, I attach the two pieces of the hatband which I have cut from Rinea Ebony/Ebony Starstruck Foil Paper and plain white cardstock*(you don't have to do this I just wanted it to have more firmness). I then add some adhesive to the back of the hatband in a few sections and press onto the hat. Making sure to leave a bit of space at the base of the brim. Next, I layer the Shamrock which I have cut from Rinea Ebony/Ebony Starstruck Foil Paper onto the buckle which I have cut from Rinea Gold/Gold Glossy Foil Paper. I attached the buckle onto the hatband using some tiny Zot Dots. 



Now, the little Leprechaun Hat is complete! 
Ready to be displayed in your home or office. 


Thank you for stopping by the blog today. I hope you found some inspiration!

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