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Stamped Acrylic Snowflake Ornament
by Jessa Plant

Stamped Acrylic Snowflake Ornament <br/><small> by Jessa Plant </small> | Rinea
Hey there! It's Jessa from Sparkle Living Blog here to show you how to make this stunning ornament for your Christmas tree. This ornament has an etched look, but is so much easier to make.


Stamped Acrylic Snowflake Ornament Instructions

For the Stamped Acrylic...

First, you need to make sure the acrylic ornament is clean and free from finger prints. Then lay the large snowflake rubber stamp down on a flat surface, with the stamp side face up. Press the clear embossing ink pad on to the stamp, ensuring full coverage.

Take the acrylic ornament and press it onto the inked stamp. If the image is blurry, wash it off and try again until you get crisp lines. Pour some embossing powder over the stamped image and then tap the excess off. Typically, I would use a small paint brush to get the excess powder off, but I liked the frosted look, so I just gently blew on the acrylic to disperse the embossing powder a bit.

Use a heat tool to melt the embossing powder. Be sure to go slowly with this, because I found that too much heat can warp the acrylic.

For the Foiled Paper Background...

To create the background of the ornament, use the Rinea Midnight Glossy/Gold foiled paper and the large and small snowflake stamps from Crackerbox & Suzy, the Ghost Ink 2.0 and the clear round stamping block. You will also need a dry paper towel or cloth.

With the Ghost Ink 2.0, stamp the snowflakes onto the foiled paper. Wait about 15 seconds and then wipe off the ink. The longer you wait, the more of the color of the foiled paper comes off. For this project, I wanted the background snowflakes to be subtle, so I chose not to wait very long. This is a fun process to play with, so do what you like!

I decided to add the snowflakes to the back side of the glossy paper, so that if the ornament turns on the tree, it is still beautiful. This time I did leave the Ghost Ink 2.0 on for about 30 seconds prior to wiping it off, for a more striking image.

Then, cut the background out to fit the acrylic ornament. Use a clear adhesive to glue just around the edge of the ornament and adhere, I found adhesive runner worked best.

Ta Da! Enjoy your beautiful new ornament!