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Tea Bag Christmas Tree Ornament with Roni

Tea Bag Christmas Tree Ornament with Roni | Rinea

Hello everyone and welcome!

Roni here and today I want to share a fun little ornament made using a basic Tea Bag Folding technique that once finished can be decorated to suit your fancy. This nifty little creation is of course an ornament for the tree but it could also be used as a gift topper, on a card, in a scrapbook and more.

Before we begin I thought I'd explain a bit about the differences between Tea Bag Folding and Origami. Usually origami is a single folded piece of paper that forms an intended shape, tea bag folding on the other hand is a creation that is made up of several components (usually the same shape) that have been glued together to form the finished piece.

Finished Size: 4 1/2" - 5" tall
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Time: 25 - 45 minutes

Here we go...

1. Cut (12) twelve pieces of green foiled paper 1 1/4" square.
2. Fold a square 4 times - fold on each diagonal and then in halves as shown.
3. Repeat with the other (11) eleven squares.
4. Pinch the corners into mountain folds.
5. Flatten the piece so that there are two points per side.
6. Fold up the flap on the right; insert a pencil tip to help open up the flap and press it flat in the center of the triangle as shown below.
This is a variation of the "Waterbomb" tea bag fold, this basic fold is the foundation for many different designs.
If your Christmas tree is going to be single sided this is all that needs to be done to this piece.  However, if you would like a double sided ornament flip the triangle over and repeat step number six to create a second point on the other side.
7. Repeat step 6 for the remaining (11) eleven pieces.
8. Glue the triangles as follows: 2 sets of 3; 2 sets of 2 and you will be left with 2 singles.  
9. Tuck the first set of 3 into the second set of three and add a touch of glue to secure. 
10. Tuck first set of 2 over the tops of the upper most set of 3; continue adding each layer and gluing until your tree has been assembled.
11. Tuck a small piece of mocha foiled paper into the center of the center bottom of the tree and glue.
12. Poke a hole in the top of the tree and slip in a length of silver thread, tie it off to form a hanger.
13. Cut one or two stars to cover the hole (one for a single sided ornament or two for a double sided ornament). 
Your Christmas tree ornament is now ready to be enjoyed! 
You may choose to leave it as is or decorate it as desired.
Decorated with sliver cut pieces of foiled paper.
Decorated with die-cut foiled papers.
Mocha Starstruck Foiled Paper
Paper Cutter
Silver Thread