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How To Make Teabag Folded Star Ornaments by Roni Johnson

How To Make Teabag Folded Star Ornaments by Roni Johnson | Rinea

Welcome to Winter to those of you here in the Northern Hemisphere! Roni here with a fun project that's so easy and stunning at the same time. I'm back with another tea bag folding ornament that could also be used on packages, cards, scrapbook pages, and more!  I decided since it's now "officially" winter here to use the Frosted Variety Pack which includes Turquoise, Silver, and Sapphire foiled papers in both Glossy and Starstruck textures.  The Frosted Variety Pack is one of my favorites because I LOVE blue!

Let's begin!

Finished size: approx. 5 1/2" to 5 3/4" across
Level: Beginner
Time: 15 to 30 minutes per star depending on how the star is finished off.

1. Cut several squares of foiled paper 2" x 2" in your choice of color(s).  Each Star Ornament requires 8 points.

Each square will be folded three times as shown to complete a star point.

2. Fold the square in half - point to point. 

3. Open the square up and rotate, fold in one point towards the center fold line.

4. Fold the second point in towards the center. 

You now have a kite shaped star point.

5. Repeat these three folds with each square until you've created several small kites.

Now the fun begins...assembling the stars. Mix and match colors and patterns in interesting combinations to create an array of beautiful stars.

6. Assemble the star by aligning one star point with the center fold line of the previous star point as shown. Add a dab of glue where the 2 points overlap. 

7. Continue adding points until you have an 8 point star.

You may choose to use the star as is with a single layer as shown here, 

or you could jazz it up a bit with die-cuts or other elements.

This star was created by layering a smaller star made using 1 1/2" squares over the original star made using the 2" squares with a bit of double stick foam tape between the stars to add a bit of dimension.

The final example is a triple layer star - bottom - 2" squares; center - 1.5" squares and top layer - 1" squares.  A layer of double stick foam tape was added between each layer.

So you can see the possibilities are endless.

Here is a final look...

MFT - Snowflake Dies
Double Stick Tape