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Halloween Trick or Treat Tubes

Halloween Trick or Treat Tubes | Rinea
Trick or Treat Bags with Rinea Foiled Paper

Hi! Michelle, here to say that the one thing I love about Halloween is giving treats.
Even better if I recycle something that I already have!
To make treat tubes like these, you will need the following:
Paper towel tubes cut in half.
A stapler
Double stick tape and adhesive.
Washi tape and embellishments

Cut your foiled paper so it can wrap all the way around the tube but leaving the sides bare. Adhere this with the tape.

Cut some strips of foiled paper to cover the ends of the tube and add fringe cuts with the scissors. Adhere to the tube.

Decorate the tube now with shapes or strips of foiled paper.

Add your washi tape and staple one end closed.

Gather up some spooky party favors and place a few in the tube.

Turn the tube and staple the opposite end closed.

Place pieces of washi tape over the staples, front and back.
Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat Bags with Rinea Foiled Paper