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Turkey Inspired Center Piece!

Turkey Inspired Center Piece! | Rinea
The colors of fall are warm and beautiful. They seem to be everywhere in leaves and turkey decor. For our Thanksgiving table, I like to showcase a centerpiece that is fall inspired, but unique. This year I created a turkey tail inspired focal point. Instead of the head, I used a flower that I die cut using a Sizzix rose die. A turkey tail is grand and beautiful! I wanted the "head" to match it in beauty -- so I opted for a ruby rose.

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece with Rinea Foiled Paper

I used Ruby/Gold, Mocha Starstruck, Marigold/Gold and the Gold/Gold foiled paper rolls.

I measured out Mocha Starstruck, Marigold, and Gold to 22 inches.

Starting with the Mocha Star Struck, I scored it by one inch across the foiled paper (22 total lines) to create clean lines to fold on.

Next, I did an according fold, as if I was making a fan.

I used an all-purpose craft glue to seal up the center.

I set it aside to dry and worked on the next two pieces. I used my thumbnail to measure 3 inches from the top for the Gold and trimmed it off.

I did the same for the Marigold at the 6-inch mark.

I repeated the process of making the fans with each piece. Once dried, I adhered with craft glue and packing tape.

If you want your centerpiece to be viewed from both sides just repeat the process and adhere it to the back of the first one you made. I finished it off by adding an 8 inch rose I made from the Ruby/Gold foiled paper.

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece with Rinea Foiled Paper

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