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Upcycled Plant Container

Upcycled Plant Container | Rinea
Hi! Michelle here with a thrifty way to make a cute little plant container!

Upcycled Plant Container with Rinea Foiled Paper

For this project, I used the following:
  • Empty container, clean and dry.
  • Paper trimmer
  • Heat gun
  • 70% Rubbing Alcohol
  • Baby wipes
  • Clear packing tape
  • Foam pad
  • *Optional -
  • Colored permanent markers, Glittered washi tape, Q-tips, and rhinestones.
    Measure and cut your foiled paper to fit the width of your container, but still narrower than the tape. Ink up your stamps with the Ghost Ink.
    Use a foam pad under the foil when stamping to get better results.

    Be careful not to wiggle the stamp, or you will have smeared results. Lift up carefully. Use the heat gun to set the ink- 2 seconds on high...or...5-10 seconds on low.
    Put some alcohol onto the baby wipe and wipe away the ghost ink.
    Continue this process all along the strip.
      For a little extra fun, dab a Q-tip into the Ghost Ink and add some dots to the border or detail.

    Use your permanent markers to add color in some of the stamped design.

    Upcycled Plant Container with Rinea Foiled Paper

    Adhere the stamped foil to the container with the clear tape. The tape helps protect the foil from everyday use. Add washi tape if desired and rhinestones.
    Lastly, add your potting soil and a plant. Mist lightly and place in a sunny window.