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Valentine card holder box by Teresa

Posted on January 07 2020

Hello there!

It's Teresa from Whimsical Card Studio sharing my Valentine's Day themed project.  Remember when you were in grade school and decorated a special box to collect cards from your friends and classmates?  It's that fond memory that inspired me to make this box.  If you like making crafts with your kids (or grandkids) this might be a really fun one to do with them. 

Here's the video showing how I put this together: 

Thank you so much for stopping by today and taking a look at my project.  I hope you are inspired to create a similar box to help a young one enjoy collecting their Valentine cards.

Until next time,


Supplies from home:

An empty shoebox or other box with a removable lid (no longer or wider than 12") Wide freezer paper (as shown in video) - you can substitute something else if you prefer

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