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Valentine Surprise Box

Valentine Surprise Box | Rinea
Monica is back giving you an exciting idea for upcycling an old pizza box into an amazing surprise gift for a loved one.  Decorate the top and make the inside full of their favorite things!!

Hello ladies and thank you for joining me once again for a Rinea Foil DT project.

With Valentine right around the corner, I decided to alter a pizza box I had sitting around from last nights dinner.
Monica diecut the Rinea foil on the top to make the red frame, and also diecut the swirls and "love" word.

Using Rinea foil always gives my project that extra pop of color! You really can't go wrong when using them.  I added the gold foil to my  inside bottom area of my pizza box  and I love the shiny finish it gives the box.
Here is a video tutorial on how to make this fun box!
- Bernstine Creations

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