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Vintage Christmas Cards with Anita Scroggins

Vintage Christmas Cards with Anita Scroggins | Rinea

Hi y'all, it's Anita from The Flamingo Chronicals to share a pair of vintage themed Christmas Cards with you.

I don't make that many cards by hand but every now and then I need one. I love the way the foiled paper compliments the vintage papers I used here. 

I have had these chipboard pieces for years and I just never found a way o use them. By covering them with the Silver/Silver Glossy Foiled Paper I was able to re purpose them. I applied a double sided adhesive sheet to the top of the chipboard then trimmed the adhesive to fit. After removing the paper backing I applied the foiled paper.

I used an emery board to file away the excess foil and adhesive, which also added to the vintage look I was going for.

I die cut sentiments using the Red/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper for both cards to complete the look.