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Wood embossed foil card by Teresa

Wood embossed foil card by Teresa | Rinea

Hello everyone,

I chose the title "wood embossed" because I used a woodcraft item to emboss on the Ruby/Gold Glossy foiled paper for my card.  I used a die-cut machine to do this, and in the video, I shared the sandwich that worked for me.  I also lightly sanded the foiled paper to add an antiqued look.

Cardmaking with Rinea Foiled Paper

Here is the video I created to share how I did this.  Any local craft/hobby store that sells decorative woodcraft pieces is a potential source for something similar.  Look around your house, and you may find something that would be fun to use similarly.  Even if you can't run it through a die-cut machine, you can use your fingers to press the foil over the top of an object with dimension.  Something relatively flat is the best bet.  I experimented with things such as a mason jar, a picture frame, coasters, etc.  

Thank you so much for stopping by!  See you again soon.


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